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With this mindset and blessings of my parents and teachers, I started my journey of Dentistry from BABA JASWANT SINGH DENTAL COLLEGE, HOSPITAL & RESEARCH INSTITUTE, LUDHIANA in the year 2017. With a little dilemma in mind about the college journey, I adapted to the surroundings and focused on working hard from day one to bring laurels to the family. I accepted the noble profession for serving humanity and restoring their smiles.

The five years of college were full of enthusiasm for learning something new every day. One thing I always admit is that working as a team teaches us that "alone we can do little; together we can do so much." With this mindset, I learned a lot of things from my fellow colleagues and was always happy to share my knowledge with them. I feel very lucky to have been taught by renowned professors during my college time. To keep myself updated, I used to explore a lot on the internet and attend conferences worldwide to keep up in pace with trends in dentistry.

During my third year, I got a chance to visit London for an observer-ship in a dental office. From London, I picked up the trend that Facial Aesthetics is a growing branch in dentistry and did a fellowship in the same from NSFA, Chennai. I started working as a consultant clinical cosmetologist and began advertising my practice by the page name - GP AESTHETICA on Instagram.

The main aim of sharing my story is to motivate all my fellow colleagues and young budding dentists that there is a lot of scope in dentistry. We, as young dentists, should pledge to work hard to uplift the level of Dentistry in our country, create awareness about oral health among the population, and aim for a healthy and prosperous nation. I live with the motto in my mind that:

"Salute is always to the rising sun"

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